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State Representative Gerry Pollet has worked on behalf of the public interest, standing up for our environment and consumers against powerful special interests, for his entire career. 

Gerry is a UW School of Public Health faculty member and is widely recognized as one of our State’s leading voices to ensure Washington sets COVID policy based on science and public health principles. 

Gerry is a public interest lawyer (UW Law School), who started and directs the region’s largest citizens’ group, Heart of America Northwest, working for the cleanup of the nation’s most contaminated area, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. He wrote and led the state ballot initiatives that stopped the federal government from using Hanford as a national radioactive waste dump and has worked to combat climate change for over 20 years. 

Gerry serves on the board of the Washington Coalition for Open Government and is the Legislature’s leading advocate for openness.

School Bus & Children

COVID, Public Health and Health Care for All

As a UW School of Public Health faculty member, Gerry is a leader to ensure Washington responds to COVID based on science and public health principles. He continues to lead efforts to have the contact tracing, vaccination and testing in place for our children to return to school and continue in-person learning. Colleagues in the Legislature rely on Gerry’s expertise to understand epidemiology of COVID and what policies are supported by evidence. 

For 2022, Gerry is introducing legislation to provide school nurses in every school.
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 The Environment and Climate Change

Gerry led the State ballot initiatives that stopped the federal government from using Hanford as a national radioactive waste dump. After graduating from UW Law School, Gerry chose to dedicate his career to fighting for environmental justice. As Chair of the House Local Government Committee, Gerry is shepherding legislation to have all local government land use and traffic plans include reducing our local contributions to climate change through the Growth Management Act, as well as increasing density in urban areas near transit. 

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Champion for Education

Gerry has been a leader to fully fund our children’s education and schools. He was an active PTSA advocate for fully funding education, which was a major reason Gerry ran for the Legislature. He has been a champion for lower class sizes, paying living wages for our educators, investing in professional development, increasing school nurses, guidance counselors and social workers. Gerry has been recognized repeatedly as “the leading advocate” for special education students in the Legislature.

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